Download -54 Ice Spa by Mikel 24669pp [Pangya SS]

-54 Ice Spa by Mikel 24669pp [Pangya SS]

World Record (Offline), 24669pp, 342y (LoLo SC). Just even having the cup 439 at H18 was almost impossibly difficult. After million times of in-and-out, I've finally completed this course, Ice Spa, my favorite map. The middle processes of each shot (calculations and so on) were mostly cut. If you want to see those, please find my other video (-53 Ice Spa) as they are very similar. Due to the Copyright Claims on the songs in this video, I replaced music. Sorry about this and thank you! ^ ^

Name -54 Ice Spa by Mikel 24669pp [Pangya SS]
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Duration 16:59
Uploaded On 25 July 2019
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